The UAV can be used to provide security to large facilities by providing a video downlink to the operator. Thus giving a rapid wide area overview of the property that is being protected.

Large Factory Site Security

As the UAV is highly portable and able to cover large areas very quickly it can be used in situations where CCTV installation would be expensive or impractical. When combined with a range of camera options, such as low light and IR, the advantages of using a UAV quickly becomes clear. By using ‘Perch and Stare Mode’ battery life can be greatly extended.

Perch and Stare Mode

Perch and Stare involves a VTOL UAV autonomously flying from a ground base to the tops of buildings, where a desired perspective of a situation may be obtained. It is also possible to carry out landing on moving platforms such as the back of a vehicle if it is acting as a mobile home station for the UAV when used in a convoy protection role.