Police / Emergency Services / Military

As our UAV’s are highly portable and provide a unique aerial view they can be used in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Taking aerial overview shots of accident sitesAccident Overview
  • Crowd control
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Border control
  • Convoy securityConvoy Protection
  • Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance missions
  • Mapping

UAV-EA can provide super low level mapping services due to the fact that we can fly anywhere between 0 and 400 feet. This allows us to enter unique airspace that is normally very difficult to operate within using conventional aircraft.

For instance mapping areas less than a 1km squared using conventional means is not cost effective and impractical. However our UAV’s are designed to do small areas like this to provide GPS referenced high resolution imagery from low altitudes. Our UAV systems are pre-programmed to follow GPS guided flight paths to automatically obtain the imagery required with the necessary overlaps and height requirements. This also makes it possible to do repeat work using the same flight file to create a time lapse photography effect.