Asset Management

UAV-EA’s equipment is perfect for doing highly detailed photographic aerial asset inspection tasks or other remote tasks.

Our equipment is small and lightweight and can be transported anywhere in the world with short notice. Owners could be hired out to do contractual work in accordance with routine maintenance schedules or perform one off tasks at short notice if required.

Our UAVs requires a very small amount of space to operate making it easy to work on site without disrupting daily operations. Due to the precision control and light weight construction of the UAV it can get closer to a subject to gain a better view without compromising safety or property. This ability to be able to get up close and inspect aerial assets in great detail is revolutionary and saves time and money.

Aerial Pylon Inspection

The UAV transmits a live video feed down to its base station monitors allowing personnel to see what the camera can see in real time. This makes it possible for qualified personnel to make informed decisions based on live imagery and data.The safety of all employees in any situation is the most important thing. UAVs can be sent in to do the dangerous and risky inspection tasks that would otherwise have to be done by a human. This removes the possibility of someone being injured or killed in high risk areas or situations.Some of the applications that our equipment can be used in are:
  • Cooling tower inspections.
  • Bridge inspections.
  • Chemical waste sampling.
  • Off shore activities ( oil rigs)
  • Mining activities
  • Surveillance
  • Remote sensingChimney Inspection