Our Multi-rotor UAVs can have anything from 3 to 12 engines. They are very much like miniature helicopters with the ability to take off and land vertically, hover, fly forwards, backwards and sideways. In short, they can be used in any situation where a small, highly manoeuvrable aerial platform is needed.

Multi-rotor UAV with camera

As the requirements of use are very wide we can customise all of our UAVs to meet your exact needs.

That customisation could be:

  • Adding more and larger motors for heavier payloads
  • Fitting cameras that face upwards for surveying the underside of bridges
  • Fitting IR sensors for vision in total darkness
  • Using quick release carriers to allow lead-lines to be carried over gaps or rivers
  • Adding lights, speakers, etc.
  • creating dual control UAVs for filming, one control for the ‘pilot’, the second for the the camera specialist