Mission Planner Autopilot Software

Mission Planner is an application that combines all the functions you are going to need to plan, monitor and analyse your flights:

The Downlink Decoder receives the telemetry of the UAV and permanently displays all important data regarding battery voltage, position, altitude, attitude, flight duration, velocity, flight path, distance from point of origin, ambient temperature, motor revolutions, remote control inputs, operational status and many other details. All the data is saved by the flight recorder system for later analysis as well.

Mission Planner Flightdeck

The Waypoint Editor provides the means to create detailed flight plan programs that the UAV can execute autonomously. In addition to the mere route there are numerous photo features like taking photos for a panoramic view or circling around a given point of interest.

The planned flight is displayed in 3D and can be exported to Google Earth if required. The Downlink Decoder is able to display the UAV‘s position on a map even during non-waypoint flights.

Mission Planner Waypoints

Features include:

Best-of-class RC flight mode, including auto level and auto altitude control. Includes an awesome “simple flight” mode, which makes Mission Planner equipped UAVs one of the easiest UAV’s to fly. Don’t worry about keeping an eye on your UAV’s orientation – let the computer figure it out! You just push the stick the way you want to go, and the autopilot figures out what that means for whatever orientation the UAV is in, using its on board magnetometer. “Front”, “back”…who cares? Just fly!

No programming required! Just use an easy-to-use desktop utility to set up Mission Planner, with quick visual displays, a point-and-click mission planner and a full ground station.

“Loiter” anywhere. Just hit the toggle switch and your UAV will hold its position using its GPS and altitude sensors.

Return to launch. Set home to any location and flip a switch to have Mission Planner fly the UAV back automatically.

Do all mission planning via a two-way wireless connection. Waypoints, mode changing, even changing the gains of every control parameter can be done from your laptop, even while the UAV is in the air!

With supported sonar sensor, do auto take offs and landings, or just switch on altitude hold mode and fly as low as inches from the ground, with the UAV automatically adjusting its altitude to hug the terrain. Even without a sonar sensor, altitude hold and auto take off works great from about ten feet and higher.

Plan missions with hundreds of 3D waypoints, which the UAV will automatically fly to, returning home when it’s done.

Fully scriptable camera controls, including the ability to drive a pan-tilt camera gimbal to keep the camera pointed at an object on the ground.

Cross-platform. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux. Use the graphical Mission Planner setup utility in Windows (works under Parallels on a Mac) or use a command-line interface on any other operating system.

Compatibility with industry-leading robotics standards, such as Willow Garage’s Robot Operating System and the MAVLink communications protocol. This ensures that Mission Planner will continue to be on the cutting edge of aerial robotics, from multi-UAV swarming to AI control and Android compatibility.