Fixed Wing

If the mission doesn’t require the capabilities of a VTOL-aircraft our Auto Pilot and Mission Planner system can be used with a wide range of fixed wing UAVs. UAV-EA can design a package to suit your needs.

Flying Wing

Higher Speed

As with full size aircraft, fixed wing UAVs are often capable of higher flight speeds than VTOL UAVs. This makes them well suited for use in situations where speed could required, following high speed convoys for example.

Longer Range

Hovering takes a lot of energy, for our UAVs that means battery life is reduced. Our Fixed wing UAVs can fly for much longer times, or further. We can supply UAVs that will fly for more than 26 hours while carrying a payload of upto 20kg. We can also fit generators to some models to charge batteries for cameras and other electrically powered equipment.

Long Range UAV

Full Autonomy

As a fixed wing UAV can use the same Auto Pilot and Mission Planner system as our VTOL UAVs they can also be programmed to fly completely autonomously. This will allow the aircraft to follow a pre-programmed flight plan, circle at set waypoints and take photographs and video as required.

Robust, easy to launch

A small, fixed wing UAV can be hand launched and landed easily without the need for any sort of undercarriage. This makes them simple to use and very robust. This type of UAV is ideally suited for military uses. a small, hand launched UAV, with a small electric motor and high powered camera can be used to give troops an excellent overview of the terrain around them. Just as with other UAV models IR and low light cameras, or other sensors, can be fitted.

Hand Launched UAV