Voice Control Coming Soon…

We are currently working on some exciting developments to make the control of our UAVs even easier.

One of those developments is to integrate voice control into our UAV software. This will allow the operator, using a microphone headset, to control the UAV just by speaking to it. So you could say “Take off and climb to 100 metres”, “Turn left and descend to 50 metres”, “Fly to waypoint 3” and so on.

The aim is to make controlling the UAV as simple as possible, leaving the operator to get on with the task in hand.

Keep reading the blog for more information on voice control and other developments coming soon.


UAV-EA Launch

Unmanned Air Vehicles – East Africa (UAV-EA) are launching in Nairobi. Our aim is to provide UAVs for a wide range of uses throughout East Africa.

Check back soon for more information