Anyone venturing into aerial photography knows that currently we use full sized aeroplanes, helicopters or mobile masts either fitted to or towed behind a vehicle. This is not only a lot of work but quite expensive too. Hiring an aircraft is expensive, the cost of hiring a helicopter per hour can be as high as $2000, and, the infrastructure used is complex therefore skilled personnel are required. The helicopter can distort the sound when one is shooting a video. When using a vehicle, one can only go so far. Since the vehicle cannot travel on water, you can only shoot on land hence limiting the range which the masts can reach and moving it for the next shot is time consuming.

Multi-rotor UAV with cameraUnmanned Aerial Vehicle East Africa (UAV-EA) is a supplier of UAVs, which are small radio controlled aircraft that can carry cameras and other sensor devices. The UAV can be fitted with a range of cameras, including stills photography, video, low light and Infra Red for night viewing, laser range finders and more. Everything is broadcast down to the operator so they can see what the UAV sees. The on-board autopilot software handles most of the flying, allowing the operator to concentrate on the task in hand, so only a few hours training is required. The system is fully programmable and has been designed to allow advanced functionality and customisation to match the needs of the client.